Wednesday, December 7, 2011

score card gets a makeover

Hey Ladies - I updated our good buddy here. Seriously when have we ever played 6 rounds and why did you need like 3 inches of space to log all your millions of Bunkos? This is more realistic and for me we could have left off the space for Bunkos (with how I've been playing lately - I know just toss me in the hat)

Anyway, it's here on the blog if your ever in a pinch and need it or if you know anyone who starts a new group and needs a freebie (don't even think about leaving this group for another - I will stalk you and throw dice at you house) okay. That being said - please feel free to post when and whatever useless info you can think of... oh and Nikki, Jessie, and broccoli salad please post your recipes. I think there was other yum stuff but I'm drawing a blank.

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